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Simple XMBC addon to control hyperion output color.
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Simple XMBC addon to control hyperion output color. Set desired color in settings first, black is default.

Predefined colors:

  • black (000000)
  • navy (001F3F)
  • blue(full) (0000FF)
  • blue (0074D9)
  • aqua (7FDBFF)
  • teal (39CCCC)
  • olive (3D9970)
  • green(full) (00FF00)
  • green (2ECC40)
  • lime (01FF70)
  • yellow (FFDC00)
  • orange (FF851B)
  • red(full) (FF0000)
  • red (FF4136)
  • maroon (85144B)
  • fuchsia (F012BE)
  • purple (B10DC9)
  • white (FFFFFF)
  • silver (DDDDDD)
  • gray (AAAAAA)

Colors from

Custom color setting is also avaliable

How to install:

  1. Download latest release from github releases
  2. Copy to raspberry pi or make avaliable in local network (you can use smb e.g. \raspbmc or \openelec)
  3. From XBMC menu go System -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file -> Find zip file from previous point and install it
  4. Plugin should appear under Programs menu
  5. For easy access go System -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings Click on what appears to be just a spacer -> Add-on Shortcuts -> Home Page Programs Sub-menu -> Set plugin on desired position (first two are already taken by raspbmc specific add-ons if you are running raspbmc, so pick 3rd or forward place in this case)

Please create issues, functionality requests here - I can use any sugestion, I'm python begginner. Thank you in advance.

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