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Verilog rules for Bazel


Add the following to your WORKSPACE file:

load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")
    name = "rules_verilog",
    urls = [""],
    sha256 = "ab64a872410d22accb383c7ffc6d42e90f4de40a7cd92f43f4c26471c4f14908",
    strip_prefix = "rules_verilog-0.0.0",
load("@rules_verilog//:deps.bzl", "verilog_dependencies")

Note: Update commit and sha256 as needed.

Cadence Xcelium needs both HOME and LM_LICENESE_FILE environment variables, add them to your .bazelrc file:

test --action_env=HOME
test --action_env=LM_LICENSE_FILE

Python Dependencies

rules_verilog is also dependent on several python libraries. These are defined in requirements.txt and maybe installed in the package manager of your choice. The recommended flow is to install them via the pip_install rule in your WORKSPACE file:

load("@rules_python//python:pip.bzl", "pip_install")

    name = "pip_deps",
    requirements = "@rules_verilog//:requirements.txt",



Load rules into your BUILD files from @rules_verilog//verilog:defs.bzl


Load rules into your BUILD files from @rules_verilog//verilog:defs.bzl

Generic Verilog

Load rules into your BUILD files from @rules_verilog//verilog:defs.bzl


  • The SVUnit package always adds to the compiler command line after the user flists. Without compiler library discovery, user flists cannot include/import anything that depends on svunit_pkg.
    • To work around this ordering dependency, the project Bazel rules must create the verilog_rtl_lib using the module files as headers, and use a dummy .sv file as the top module.
    • By declaring the module files as headers, they will not get put on the compiler command line via flists - rather their parents directory appears as an incdir.
    • This allows SVUnit's generated flist to appear last on the compiler command line, without violating any compiler ordering dependencies.

Vendor Support

These rules were written with the Cadence and Synopsys tools as the underlying compiler and simulator. Abstraction leaks are prevalent throughout the rules.

UVM Testbenches

While rules for unit tests exist, the verilog_dv_tb and verilog_dv_test_cfg rules are intended to work in conjunction with an external script capable of spawning many parallel simulations. Documentation throughout this codebase refers to a tool called simmer which may be released in a future version.