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Lightning Family

Live at

Visual Prototype Gif

Set up

  1. Download & Install Yarn
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Open your terminal in the repository's folder
  4. Execute yarn http-server in your terminal
  5. In your web browser go to localhost:8080


  • Visual taxonomy for intuitive discovery

  • Pre-population of LN resource contents

  • Governance framework

  • Custodial web wallet on testnet

  • Pay per click procedure

  • Non-Custodial web wallet

  • Admin panel for content management


Our aim

We pursue the creation of a new model of informative platforms on hot tech topics, conveying scattered knowledge from tech and market experts to ease understanding of practical application to a large majority of non-expert potential adopters. Co-created, continuously enhanced and updated contents involve many players who should fairly get their share of value created by such contents. At a low-price high-volume market like this, that means automatized massive micro-transactions flying multi-directionally in a complex network of value input and output channels. The ultimate scope of this project is broad and ambitious, heading to a new communication model that democratizes access to pushing and retrieving practical knowledge, but we start focusing on one of the main technology stoppers, micro-value exchange, roughly described below.

What we’ve done so far

Business environments as life itself gets more and more complex, pushing us all to know just a practical thin layer of too many new coming topics. There is a growing need of tools collecting and simplifying new knowledge to enable decision making by many users. Visual discovery of structured information is one of such tools, so we’ve put our bit with a nice visual navigator of taxonomies that will soon host lots of expert hints and signposts. So far enough to add content on our favorite topic, LN, also a great example of tech topic claiming for human-level comprehension (yes, we want to be understood!) Then, we have created a simple taxonomy and added a sample of relevant information (projects, documentation, start-ups, events) to invite the whole community collaborate on the construction of a comprehensive, complete, repository of quality information anyone can follow and apply. Then, we have developed a first prototype of a LN process on a Raspberry node that enables micro-transactions between content consumers’ and content owners’ wallets on the testnet. Finally, we have created a DAO in Aragon to account for development contributions and subsequent project governance.

The specific Challenges

The Platform will hopefully contain soon a large amount of contents provided by members that should openly be accessible for improvement and update under certain common rules and discretionary negotiation between contributors. Thus each content may soon have a list of “owners” with corresponding shares of property over each content. We want to provide users with a low-cost access to information, so once they are logged in the Platform and start browsing contents, channels with the different owners must be established so that each element’ cost-per-view is detracted from his wallet automatically and distributed to its owners. This implies the following challenges: