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Satoshi's Place

This is the official repository containing the source code for

Satoshi's place is a Lightning Network Application (LApp) launched in May 2018 with the purpose of showcasing the viability of running a service that accepts instant, permissionless, near-free microtransactions through Bitcoin's Lightning Network.

It consists of a collaborative art board where each pixel costs 1 satoshi to paint. Pixels can be drawn over an unlimited amount of times.

What is this for?

It's up to you. You can learn from it, hack it, extend it, run your own version of it, etc... The software is released with an MIT license and meant as a gift to the lightning community in the run-up to the first ever Lightning Conference in 2019.


You'll need an instance of c-lightning with lightning-charge setup somewhere you can access. Follow the c-lightning instructions here and the lightning charge instructions here.

In order to setup the database for satoshis-place, you'll need mongo-tools installed in your system, if you're on linux (debian) use sudo apt install mongo-tools, if Mac or otherwise follow these instructions.

You also need docker installed in your system. Follow these instructions.


  1. Clone the repository and run cd
  2. Enter connection details in .env (see .env.sample for a template).
  3. Run docker-compose up -d.
  4. Run sh scripts/
  5. Open the application in http://localhost:3000.

You might need to wait a couple of seconds for the application to build before the webpage shows. Check the logs by running docker-compose logs -f. If you see a cheeky monkey Listening on *:3001 πŸ™‰ and a bunch of PING ... and PONG ... it should be good to go!

You can use the SIMULATE_PAYMENTS env setting to automatically execute orders by setting it to yes (requires restart of the api). This will allow you to draw on the canvas without having to make a lightning payment.


To use testnet, simply setup your c-lightning node to use testnet, update the connection details if required and set the TESTNET env setting to yes.


The API for this application is also exposed and can be interacted with directly, the documentation for this can be found here.


Any questions or suggestions feel free to open an issue in this repository or reach out to me via twitter at @LightningK0ala.

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