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Everything included along with HEN 2.1

Everything included along with Latest PS4FTP Plus all the changes iv added to PS4FTP for the Package Installer

First ever Payload Plugin, and to hold all dynamic relocations a.k.a the NIDs i need


  1. Change your DNS to AlAzif ( or your Hoster of choice

  2. Download either the Installer Tool for Windows or Android

  3. Launch the Inifnix payload, Put in your IP in the tool... then click "Install Payload Plugin"

  4. re-launch the Inifix Payload and install any Fake Signed Package you want (remember this enables HEN)

  5. Profit?????


  • Flatz for being Flatz

  • Xerpi for PS4FTP

  • xvortex for Edited PS4FTP

  • SISTR0 For HEN 2.1

  • And everyone else involved with PS4FTP and HEN 2.1 (would be a very long List)

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