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Lightstreamer JMS Extender - Basic Stock-List Demo - Node.js Client

This project contains a sample Node.js console application that shows how the Lightstreamer JMS Extender JavaScript Client Library can be used to connect to Lightstreamer JMS Extender.
This projects is the JMS Extender version of the Lightstreamer - Basic Stock-List Demo - Node.js Client.



This demo displays real-time market data for 30 stocks, generated by the feed simulator included in the Stock-List Demo Java Service. For simplicity, only the stock_name and last_price fields of updated items are displayed, and they are just logged to the console. Moreover, a single JMS topic is used for all stocks, while in a real scenario you would probably use a different JMS topic for each stock.

Check out the sources for further explanations.


If you want to install a version of this demo pointing to your local Lightstreamer JMS Extender, follow these steps. In particular, this readme file details the steps required to execute the demo calling the node executable from the command line.

  • Note that, as prerequisite, the Lightstreamer JMS Extender - Stock-List Demo - Java (JMS) Service has to be deployed on your local Lightstreamer JMS Extender instance. Please check out that project and follow the installation instructions provided with it.

  • Launch Lightstreamer JMS Extender.

  • If required, install Node.js

  • From the src folder, locally install the client application by using npm:

    $ npm install


Now, you need to configure src/client.js of this example by specifying the name of the JMS connector you are going to use. By default, the demo will look for the ActiveMQ JMS connector, please refer to the related Service project for more details on the choice of a JMS broker to be used. To set the JMS connector name, look where the connection is created:

  jms.TopicConnectionFactory.createTopicConnection("http://localhost:8080/", "ActiveMQ", null, null, {


From the src folder, run:

$ node client.js

See Also

JMS Extender Service Needed by This Demo Client

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Lightstreamer Compatibility Notes

  • Compatible with Lightstreamer JMS Extender SDK for Node.js Clients since version 2.0.0 or newer.
  • Compatible with Lightstreamer JMS Extender since version 2.0.0 or newer.


This project includes a demo client showing integration between Lightstreamer JMS Extender JavaScript Client Library and the Node.js platform







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