A version of the Chat Demo for iOS developed with Swift
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Lightstreamer - Basic Chat Demo - iOS Client - Swift

The Chat Demo is a very simple chat application based on Lightstreamer.

This project contains an example of an application for iPhone that employs the Lightstreamer iOS Client library.



This app, compatible with iPhone, is a Swift version of the Lightstreamer - Basic Chat Demo - HTML Client.

This app uses the iOS Client API for Lightstreamer to handle the communications with Lightstreamer Server. A simple user interface is implemented to display the real-time messages received from Lightstreamer Server.

Further details about developing Swift Apps on iOS with Lightstreamer are discussed in this blog post.


Binaries for the application are not provided.


Binaries for the application are not provided, but a full Xcode project specification is provided. Please recall that you need a valid iOS Developer Program membership to debug or deploy your app on a test device.

Getting Started

Before you can build this demo, you need to install CocoaPods to handle the project dependency on the Lightstreamer iOS client library. Follow these steps:

  • open a terminal and run the following command:
$ sudo gem install cocoapods
  • cd into the directory where you downloaded this project and run the following command:
$ pod install
  • CocoaPods should now resolve the dependency on the Lightstreamer iOS client library and prepare a workspace for you.

Done this, open the workspace with Xcode and it should compile with no errors. In case of errors during dependency resolution, you can find more information on CocoaPods official website.

Compile and Run

  • Create an app ID on the Apple Developer Center.
  • Create and install an appropriate provisioning profile for the app ID above and your test device, on the Apple Developer Center.
  • Set the app ID above as the Bundle Identifier of the Xcode project of the app.
  • Set the IP address of your local Lightstreamer Server in the constant SERVER_URL, defined in SwiftChat/ViewController.swift; a ":port" part can also be added.
  • Follow the installation instructions for the Data and Metadata adapters required by the demo, detailed in the Lightstreamer - Basic Chat Demo - Java Adapter project.

Done this, the app should run correctly on your test device and connect to your server.

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Lightstreamer Compatibility Notes

  • Compatible with Lightstreamer iOS Client Library version 2.1.2 or newer.
  • For Lightstreamer Allegro (+ iOS Client API support), Presto, Vivace.
  • For a version of this example compatible with Lightstreamer iOS Client API version 1.x, please refer to this tag.