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Lightstreamer - FullScreenMario Demo - HTML Client

This project is forked from FullScreenMario, an HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers. The goal of this fork is to create a multi-player version of FullScreenMario, based on Lightstreamer. This project is just a proof of concept, to experiment a multi-player game based on a client side mode.



This FullScreenMario Demo implements a simple gaming/collaborative application fed in real-time via a Lightstreamer server.

It's based on client-side mode:

  • Physics runs on the client side only,
  • User's commands (key press, joystick move, device tilt, accelerometer, etc.) are streamed from client to server,
  • Commands of all other users are broadcast from server to each client,
  • Each client calculate the world independently,

Once logged in, the user can start move his or her Super Mario avatar and will see other user's avatar moving, too. For each user, a Super Mario avatar is created, on the bottom of which the nickname chosen by the user is displayed.

The demo includes the following client-side functionalities:

  • A Subscription containing 1 item, subscribed to in COMMAND mode. Each added player automatically provokes an underlying subscription to a sub-item in MERGE mode, to get the real-time position and state for that specific player from another feed. When a player is deleted, the underlying sub-item is automatically unsubscribed from.
  • The user messages are sent to the Lightstreamer Server using the LightstreamerClient.sendMessage utility.


  • As prerequisite, the FullScreenMario Demo - Java Adapter has to be deployed in your local Lightstreamer Server instance. Please check out that project and follow the installation instructions provided with it.
  • Download this project
  • Get the lightstreamer.min.js file from npm or unpkg and put it in the src folder of the demo.
  • Get the require.js file form and put it in the src folder of the demo.
  • Deploy this demo on the Lightstreamer Server (used as Web server) or in any external Web Server. Create the folders <LS_HOME>/pages/demos/FullScreenMario and copy here the contents of the /src folder of this project. The client demo configuration assumes that Lightstreamer Server, Lightstreamer Adapters, and this client are launched on the same machine. If you need to target a different Lightstreamer server, please search in FullScreenMario/lsClient.js this line:
    var lsClient = new LightstreamerClient(protocolToUse+"//localhost:8080","MARIO");
    and change it accordingly.
  • Open your browser and point it to: http://localhost:8080/demos/FullScreenMario/

See Also

Lightstreamer Adapters Needed by This Client

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Lightstreamer Compatibility Notes

  • Compatible with Lightstreamer JavaScript Client library version 6.0 or newer (installation instructions for version 8.0 or newer).


This is released under the Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. Full Screen Mario is meant to be both a proof of concept and an entertaining past time, not a source of income.


An HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers - expanded for wide screens.






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