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Lightstreamer - Stock-List Demo with APNs Push Notifications - iOS Client

This project contains an example of an application for iPhone and iPad that employs the Lightstreamer Swift Client library, with use of mobile push notifications (MPN). The application also includes a WatchKit extension.

A simpler version, without mobile push notifications support, is also available: Lightstreamer - Stock-List Demo - iOS Client.

Live Demo


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This app, compatible with both iPhone and iPad, is a Swift version of the Stock-List Demos.

This app uses the Swift Client API for Lightstreamer to handle the communications with Lightstreamer Server. A simple user interface is implemented to display the real-time data received from Lightstreamer Server. Additionally, the user interface provides means to activate and deactivate mobile push notifications for specific stock quotes.


Binaries for the application are not provided, but it may be downloaded from the App Store at this address. The downloaded app will connect to Lightstreamer's online demo server.


A full Xcode project, ready for compilation of the app sources, is provided. Please recall that you need a valid iOS Developer Program membership to run or debug your app on a test device.

Compile and Run

A full local deploy of this app requires a Lightstreamer Server 7.0 or greater installation with appropriate Mobile Push Notifications (MPN) module configuration. A detailed step by step guide for setting up the server and configuring the client is available in the README of the following project:

See Also

Lightstreamer Adapters Needed by This Demo Client

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Lightstreamer Compatibility Notes

  • Code compatible with Lightstreamer Swift Library version 5.0.0 or newer.
  • Build instructions compatible with Lightstreamer Swift Client SDK version 5.0.0 or newer.
  • For Lightstreamer Server version 7.0 or greater. Ensure that iOS and/or watchOS Client SDK is supported by Lightstreamer Server license configuration, depending on where the demo will be run.
  • For a version of this example compatible with Lightstreamer iOS and watchOS Client SDKs versions up to 4, please refer to this tag.


This project contains an example of an application for iPhone and iPad that employs the Lightstreamer iOS Client library







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