This project includes a simple web client front-end example for the Lightstreamer Race Telemetry Demo Adapter
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Lightstreamer - Race Telemetry Demo - HTML Client

This project includes a simple web client front-end example for the Lightstreamer - Race Telemetry Demo - Java Adapter.

Live Demo


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The Web-Telemetry Demo uses the JavaScript Client API for Lightstreamer to show how Lightstreamer can be used to send real-time telemetry data through the Web.
In this demo, the data is generated by a random feed simulator of the telemetry metrics of a racing car such as Lap Time, Distance, Speed, Engine RPM, Gear, and Laps. The data is displayed in tabular form using two tables, one for the current lap and the other to recap the history of the laps. In addition, two real-time streaming charts are shown, one for speed and one for engine RPM.
Actual feed adapters were created to deliver real data.

The demo includes the following client-side functionalities:

  • A Subscription containing 1 item, subscribed to in MERGE mode, with some of the metrics pertaining to the car, feeding a StaticGrid.
  • A Subscription containing 1 item, subscribed to in DISTINCT mode, with the data for each lap feeding a DynaGrid.
  • A Subscription containing 1 item (the same of the first Subscription but at a lower frequency), subscribed to in MERGE mode feeding two Charts, used to plot the speed and the engine RPM.


If you want to install a version of this demo pointing to your local Lightstreamer Server, follow these steps:

  • Note that, as prerequisite, the Lightstreamer - Race Telemetry Demo - Java Adapter has to be deployed on your local Lightstreamer Server instance. Please check out that project and follow the installation instructions provided with it.
  • Launch Lightstreamer Server.
  • Get the lightstreamer.js file from the latest Lightstreamer distribution and put it in the src/js folder of the demo. Alternatively, you can build a lightstreamer.js file from the online generator. In that case, be sure to include the LightstreamerClient, Subscription, DynaGrid, StaticGrid, Chart, SimpleChartListener, ConnectionSharing, and StatusWidget modules and to use the "Use AMD" version.
  • Get the require.js file from and put it in the src/js folder of the demo.

You can deploy this demo to use the Lightstreamer server as Web server or in any external Web Server you are running. If you choose the former case, please create the folders <LS_HOME>/pages/demos/RaceTelemetryDemo then copy here the contents of the /src folder of this project.
The client demo configuration assumes that Lightstreamer Server, Lightstreamer Adapters, and this client are launched on the local machine. If you need to target a different Lightstreamer server, please search this line:

var lsClient = new LightstreamerClient(protocolToUse+"//localhost:8080","F1Telemetry");

in js/lsClient.js file and change it accordingly. For example, if you want to target the adapter deployed in our server, you should substitute with this:

var lsClient = new LightstreamerClient(protocolToUse+"//","F1Telemetry");

The demo is now ready to be launched.

See Also

Lightstreamer Adapters Needed by This Demo Client

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Lightstreamer Compatibility Notes

  • Compatible with Lightstreamer JavaScript Client library version 6.0 or newer.