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Unifonic Notification Channel for laravel.
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Unifonic notification channel for Laravel 5

The Unifonic channel makes it possible to send out Laravel notifications as SMS

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You can install this package via composer:

composer require liliom/unifonic-notification-channel

The service provider gets loaded automatically.

Setting up the Unifonic service

Hit to Dashboard to create a new REST app to use this channel. Within in this app, you will find the App ID. Place it inside your .env file. To load it, add this to your config/services.php file:

'unifonic' => [
    'app_id' => env('UNIFONIC_APP_ID'),
    'sender_id' => env('UNIFONIC_SENDER_ID') //optional

This will load the Unifonic app data from the .env file. Make sure to use the same keys you have used there like UNIFONIC_APP_ID.


To use this package, you need to create a notification class, like InvoicePaid from the example below, in your Laravel application. Make sure to check out Laravel's documentation for this process.

Notification Example

namespace App\Notifications;

use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;
use Liliom\Notifications\Messages\UnifonicMessage;

class InvoicePaid extends Notification
   private $message;

     * Create a new notification instance.
     * @param $message
    public function __construct($message)
        $this->message = $message;
     * Get the notification's delivery channels.
     * @param  mixed  $notifiable
     * @return array
    public function via($notifiable)
        return [

     * Get the text message representation of the notification
     * @param  mixed $notifiable
     * @return UnifonicMessage
    public function toUnifonic($notifiable)
        return (new UnifonicMessage())

Or pass the content you want directly into the constructor

public function toUnifonic($notifiable)
    return new UnifonicMessage('Laravel notifications are awesome!');

Sending Notifications

There are two methods to send a notification in Laravel:

Method 1

Using notify() function on any model that uses Notifiable trait. to achieve this you have to feed it with the proper column to be used as the recipient number, as shown in the following example, this function is placed within the User model (You might want to write it in different model in your case, just make sure to use Notifiable)

     * Route notifications for the Unifonic channel.
     * @param  \Illuminate\Notifications\Notification $notification
     * @return string
    public function routeNotificationForUnifonic($notification)
        return $this->phone; // where phone is the column within your, let's say, users table.

Method 2

Using route() static function on Notification class.

Notification::route('unifonic', 'xxxxx')
                    new \App\Notifications\InvoicePaid('Laravel notifications are awesome!')
                 // where xxxxx is the phone number you want to sent to,
                 // i.e: 1xxxxxxx - NO NEED for _00_ or _+_ 


See the CONTRIBUTING guide.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information about what has changed recently.

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