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Welcome to the NeuTrack wiki!

Development Team


Name Email
Vincent Adeyemi
Jordan Barron
Lilit Karayan

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio IDE, Visual Studio Code
  • MSSQL Server, Entity Framework
  • MSTest / nunit {Unit test}
  • ASP.Net Core
  • Angular
  • (Jest, Cypress) UI Testing & e2e

Project Overview

  • Summary
  1. Target Audience - NeuTrack is aimed at adults ages 28-50 who want to consume more health conscious foods while at the same time meeting their weight goal
  2. Application Type - NeuTrack is intended as a Lifestyle app intended for use on the web
  3. Purpose & Functionality - Some key features we expect NeuTrack to have are the following:
    • calorie tracking: The user inputs the foods they currently eat and our API will convert those foods to calories
    • plan recommender: In conjunction with the calorie tracker, once the calories have been calculated the system will provide a plan the user can use to either gain or lose weight
    • nutritionist recommender: Taking in information that the nutritionist and patient enter, the system will provide the patient with recommendations on who they should work with to meet their goals. Data such as years of experience and feedback will be taken into account
  • Business Case
  1. Benefits - An increase of more health conscious individuals
  2. Risks - Low barrier of entry so competition with this product will be high
  3. Options Considered - Having an API that can track and update the calories of given foods/recipes
  4. Timescale - Given initial features, this app should take approximately 3-4 weeks to build
  • Opportunity
  1. Given an increase in work from home and the fear of going to a public gym, there is an outstanding need for those with weight goals to have technology from which they can manage themselves.
  2. As we reach a more health conscious society individuals are looking to have dietary and nutritional information at a moments notice
  3. Nice platform for nutritionist looking to be connected to clients (as opposed to standard social media) and share recipes
  • Goals/Objectives
  1. Provide the average consumer with nutritional prowess
  2. Gather a community of likeminded individuals that will push one another to greater heights


  • The vision for NeuTrack is to empower every person to take control of their ideal weight goals and provide a platform for nutritionists to better manage their clients

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Live site

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