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Lily Wallet

Secure bitcoin wallet designed for everyone on their journey towards financial freedom.

Screenshot of Lily Wallet


  • Manage hardware wallets, multisignature vaults, and lightning nodes all in one beautiful interface
  • Import and Export PSBTs for signing transactions
  • Open lightning network channels from funds located in hardware wallets or multisignature vaults
  • Retrieve blockchain data from your own instance of Electrum Server
  • Stateless: There is no database. The app is self-hosted and populated from a password encrypted configuration file
  • Interoperable: Export or import your vault to use in other software like Unchained Capital's Caravan or BlueWallet
  • Dark mode

Hardware Wallet Support

  • Coldcard
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • Bitbox 02
  • Cobo Vault


See for instructions on how to get a development environment up and running.


Lily Wallet is licensed under the Elastic 2.0 license. TL;DR — You're free to use, fork, modify, and redestribute Lily Wallet so long as it does not disable or circumvent the license key functionality. If you're interested in using Lily Wallet for commercial purposes, please reach out to us at