Web-based LilyPond editor.
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LilyBin is a web-based LilyPond editor. See it live at http://lilybin.com.

Submit bugs and feature requests as GitHub issues.

Running LilyBin

Install Node.js and Docker.

Clone the repository and run npm install to download required node modules.

Run docker pull trevordixon/lilypond to fetch the Docker image containing the latest versions of LilyPond. (LilyBin uses Docker to compile scores in a sandboxed environment. It looks for a Docker image named trevordixon/lilypond and runs each compilation in a new container.)

The Dockerfile used to build that image is located at trevordixon/docker-lilypond.

Launch LilyBin with node server.js. Navigate to http://localhost:3001, and you should be presented with an editor pane and a successfully rendered score.