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ESP32 Camera Ardunio Library

Each example is tested using the TTGO T-Journal.


The example contains three programs:

  • Upload a photo to the BIGIOT platform every 30 seconds
  • WiFi Soft-AP mode video stream
  • WiFi Station mode video stream

In order to use the Station mode for video transmission quality, it should be as close as possible to the router, and the Soft-AP mode should be as close as possible to the device.

This library is based on esp32-cam-demo changes and is used in Arduino.


To install this library:

  • Install oled-ssd1306,If you want to use oled.
  • Install it using the Arduino Library manager ("Sketch" -> "Include Library" -> "Manage Libraries..."), or
  • Download a zipfile from github using the "Download ZIP" button and install it using the IDE ("Sketch" -> "Include Library" -> "Add .ZIP Library..."
  • Clone this git repository into your sketchbook/libraries folder.

For more info, see

How to use

  • Change the WiFi ssid and password in the program.
  • In Sota-AP you should connect TTGO-CAMERA and password is "12345678" , enter in the browser to access the video stream.
  • In the Station mode, If you use OLED ,you should enter the IP address displayed in the OLED for access. You can also enter the IP address in the log to access
  • If you run the BIGIOT sample program, you need to add the device ID, interface ID, and password to add your wifi account.