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About this repo


This repo is representation of Solidity ERC721,ERC20 and its Flavours and Ownable smart contracts written in Sophia language and based on the Aeternity blockchain. It is based on the Openzeppelin version of the contracts.


The main components of this repo:

  • contracts directory - containing the Sophia contracts
  • test directory - containing the mocha-based unit tests and the
  • docker directory and docker-compose - you need to bring up the network via docker-compose if you want to run the unit tests.

Running the tests

In order to run the unit tests one should do the following:

  1. spawn up the test network docker-compose up -d or aeproject epoch
  2. Wait for the network to be responding and healthy
  3. Run npm test or aeproject test

Nonce Disclaimer

There is a nonce problem in the whole system. We mitigate it in the unit tests through keeping local nonce. It might be buggy. If it gives you problems, restart your docker network and remove the nonce.txt file

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