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admin Fixed #7107: Login using http://<serverurl>/admin broken on IIS Dec 20, 2012
application Fixed issue #11502: Popup editor does not launch. Error in DOM naming Jul 28, 2016
docs Release 2.50+ Build 160728 Jul 26, 2016
fonts New feature: breadcrumb for question edition May 12, 2016
framework Dev Updated Yii to 1.1.17 Feb 26, 2016
images Fixed issue #11057: MIssing smilies in content editor Apr 28, 2016
installer New feature #10954 : always add font-awesome in public and admin Apr 18, 2016
locale Updated translation: Afrikaans by geebee100 Jul 27, 2016
plugins Fixed Issue #11454 Audit Log plugin fire a notice when adding a new t… Jul 18, 2016
scripts Fixed issue: subquestion code got cut off Jul 28, 2016
styles-public Dev: responses grid, cleaning the code, parsing the old comments to t… Jul 4, 2016
styles Dev: Remove 4px padding for inputs (use Bootstrap default instead) Jul 27, 2016
templates Fixed issue #11493: Old templates cause surveys and "Theme Editor" to… Jul 27, 2016
themes/default Cherrypick from 2.1 SettingsWidget Jul 30, 2013
third_party Fixed Issue #11488: HTML editor in "Edit subquestions" (Array numbers… Jul 25, 2016
tmp New feature: "Test/Execute" this survey from group edition May 12, 2016
upload Dev: uniform way to load the fonts May 9, 2016
.gitattributes Dev: add eol=lf for sql,txt,lss Feb 13, 2013
.gitignore Fixed Issue #11470: Setting Question To "Mandatory" after a publish d… Jul 20, 2016
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