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Latest commit bec5704 @c-schmitz c-schmitz Merge pull request #432 from BertHankes/patch-3
Update welcome.php
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admin Fixed #7107: Login using http://<serverurl>/admin broken on IIS
application Merge pull request #432 from BertHankes/patch-3
docs Release 2.50+ Build 160206
fonts Dev: asset manager, publish file by file
framework Re-added Yii framework License file.
images Dev : pictures
installer Dev: Change position of ico field in create-mssql.sql
locale Updated translation: Catalan by qualitatuvic
plugins Dev: manual merge with 2.06 - /plugins
scripts Fixed issue #10201: Set sorttype to date, not string, for dates
styles-public Dev: font awesome with debug mode
styles Dev: #10287: Expression are hardest to find in 2.5 than in 2.06
templates Dev: remove print_template.css from old template see #10330
themes/default Cherrypick from 2.1 SettingsWidget
third_party Dev : moved all html to view, and all js to scripts for stat
tmp Dev: Edit subquestion, bigger (nicole)
upload Dev: clean upload directory
.gitattributes Dev: add eol=lf for sql,txt,lss
.gitignore Dev Adjusted ignored files
.htaccess Fixed issue: Google Maps API key not being used when entered
.scrutinizer.yml Dev Updated scrutinizer config
README Release 2.0a2
index.php Fixed issue #10137: added split buttons for survey menu
phpci.yml Added phpci.yml


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