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Sophisticated online survey software


Limesurvey is the number one open-source survey software.

Advanced features like branching and multiple question types make it a valuable partner for survey-creation.


See our Administration Demo. The credentials are prefilled, just click Log in

Or try taking one of our test surveys

How to install


We try to publish a release every other day. We recommend using those.


You may want to use the plain repository, which is also possible.

Please be advised, that we sometimes push development versions into the repository, which may not be working correctly.



The absolute minimal requirements are:

  • Apache >= 2.4 | nginx >= 1.1 | any other php-ready webserver
  • php >= 5.4
    • with mbstring and pdo-database drivers
  • mysql >= 5.5.3 | pgsql >= 9 | mariadb >= 5.5 | mssql >= 2005


We recommend the following setup

  • nginx 1.4.6
  • php 5.6.x
    • with php-fpm, mbstring, gd2 with freetype, imap, ldap, zip, zlib and databse drivers
  • mysql 5.5.50


for more information please refer to our homepage, or have a look at the manual


LimeSurvey software is licenced under the GPL 2.0.

Pictures and the LimeSurvey Logo are registered trademarks of LimeSurvey GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.