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admin Fixed #7107: Login using http://<serverurl>/admin broken on IIS
application Fixed issue #9806: Reason for being unable to preview a survey not given
docs Release 2.06+ Build 150731
fonts Fixed issue #06849: Bad caracter for statistics graph in some language
framework Dev Allow Clocale to be handled by a custom class - this patch will b…
images ComfortUpdater for 2.06
installer Fixed issue #9726: File browser not properly behaving due to old cach…
locale Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
plugins Dev Fixed issue #9480
scripts Dev: add /*! to disallow removing comments with licence
styles-public Dev: add some class for upload question type
styles Dev: EM string don't need bold
templates Fixed issue: Display of public statistics in LimeSpired template
themes/default Cherrypick from 2.1 SettingsWidget
third_party Fixed issue #9615: KCFinder Image Browse Server not working when usin…
tmp Fixed issue: Wrong informations in the error message, changed chmod r…
upload Dev Merged .gitignore files to root .gitignore
.gitattributes Dev: add eol=lf for sql,txt,lss
.gitignore Merge branch 'master' into 2.06
.htaccess Fixed issue: Google Maps API key not being used when entered
.scrutinizer.yml Dev Modified Scrutinizer config
README Release 2.0a2
index.php Fixed issue #9706: Wrong minimum PHP version in installer
phpci.yml Added phpci.yml


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