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Find file Copy path
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<?php echo $conditionsoutput;?>
<p class="lead">
<?php eT("Only show question"); ?>
<strong><?php echo ' ' . $sCurrentQuestionText;?></strong>
<?php eT('if:');?>
<?php echo CHtml::form(array("/admin/conditions/sa/index/subaction/deleteallconditions/surveyid/{$surveyid}/gid/{$gid}/qid/{$qid}/"), 'post', array('style'=>'margin-bottom:0;','id'=>'deleteallconditions','name'=>'deleteallconditions'));?>
<input type='hidden' name='qid' value='<?php echo $qid;?>' />
<input type='hidden' name='gid' value='<?php echo $gid;?>' />
<input type='hidden' name='sid' value='<?php echo $surveyid;?>' />
<input type='hidden' id='toplevelsubaction' name='subaction' value='deleteallconditions' />
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