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Release 1.92+ Build 120822

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1 parent a5ecfb5 commit 1980f8dd14cbe6211b2d5d05e381d7e04ba831a1 @c-schmitz c-schmitz committed Aug 22, 2012
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@@ -78,6 +78,16 @@ HOW TO UPGRADE from a LimeSurvey 1.70(+) version to the latest 1.9x
Thank you to everyone who helped with this new release!
+Changes from 1.92+ (build 120815) to 1.92+ (build 120822) August 22, 2012
+-Fixed issue #6423: Potential XSS in 'Resume survey' load form (Carsten Schmitz)
+#Updated translation: Chinese (Simplified) by jun9
+#Updated translation: French (France) by BenoitBouvarel
+#Updated translation: Italian by lfanfoni
+#Updated translation: Korean by gregshin
+#Updated translation: Spanish (Chile) by jergas
+#Updated translation: Thai
Changes from 1.92+ (build 120808) to 1.92+ (build 120815) August 15, 2012
-Fixed issue #6319: Preview group can throw error (Denis Chenu)
-Fixed issue #6442 : Adding labels fails without numbers in last Code field in Label Set editor (Denis Chenu)

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