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Dev : better fix #6309 : othercbox are not need, then hide in CSS

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1 parent b4ffd76 commit 7465610473987160e656f3512b8bb613fd75120f @Shnoulle Shnoulle committed Jul 11, 2012
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2 qanda.php
@@ -2334,7 +2334,7 @@ function do_multiplechoice($ia)
$answer .= $startitem;
$answer .= $hiddenfield.'
- <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" name="'.$myfname.'cbox" alt="'.$clang->gT('Other').'" id="answer'.$myfname.'cbox"';
+ <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" name="'.$myfname.'cbox" alt="'.$clang->gT('Other').'" id="answer'.$myfname.'cbox" style="display:none"'; // othercbox can be not display, because only input text goes to database
if (isset($_SESSION[$myfname]) && trim($_SESSION[$myfname])!='')

3 comments on commit 7465610


This breaks array_filter, and is the source of complaints like this one -

I recommend reverting this.

Although this was meant as a better fix for #6309, I don't see how this helps.


bug report for this filed here -


Then a display:hidden, or adpat the javascript. This don't change Expression Manager, and css don't have to be changed.

Its' allway difficult to click on "other cbox", a lot of user complain of clicking on it and don't see change.

Link on the forum is another problem (javacripting input.text readonly).

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