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Update save way to add custom made EM functions (php and js) #1077

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Just for now

sampleextension.php for updatesave LEM extension

This is a commented sample php file how to add functions to extend LEM.
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ovillani committed May 20, 2018
commit c03aa8de82b142388ae65d5cd6b73b938458953f
@@ -0,0 +1,79 @@
* Sample for a LEM extension to add new functions for LimeSurvey ExpressionManager
* Copyright (C) 2018 orvil (O. Villani)
* License: GNU/GPL License v2 or later, see LICENSE.php
* Howto:
* 1. Create (if not already existing) a new folder below the path '/application/extensions/' in your LS installation named 'emexpressions'.
* So path is now /application/extensions/emexpressions
* 2. create in this (new) subfolder another folder with the name of your extension [in this case eg. 'sampleextension']
* This is your extension-folder
* 3. create or copy in your extension-folder a *.php file with exactly the same name as the folder has, but with '.php' at the end
* This is your extension php file [in this case 'sampleextension.php']
* *
* 4. This extension php file has to contain a class with exactly the same name as the extension-folder / extension php file has
* This is the extension class [ in this case 'sampleextension']
* 5. The every extension class requires:
* - a private variable named $RDP_ValidFunctions
* - a constructor where the additional EM functions are defined (the same way as they are in em_core_helper.php)
* - a function called 'newRDP_ValidFunctions()' where the property 'RDP_ValidFunctions' is returned
* 6. In the extension php file but OUTSIDE(!) of the class definition implement those functions you need and
* that are defined for RDP_ValidFunctions
* 7. Create or copy in this extension-folder a *.js file with exactly the same name as the folder has, but with '.js' at the end
* This is the extension javaScript file [in this case 'sampleextension.js']
* The extension javaScript file has to have equivalent functions to the additional php functions in extension php file
* This is necesarry for surveys running in view-by-group and all-in-one mode
// class has to have the same name as the file (except the .php at the end)
class sampleextension
private $RDP_ValidFunctions; // names and # params of valid functions
// define ADDITIONAL functions here, inside the constructor, in the same way as they are defined in em_core_helper.php
function __construct()
$this->RDP_ValidFunctions = array(
'sayHello' => array('sayHello', 'sayHello', gT('says Hello'), 'string sayHello(toWhom)', '',1),
'sayBye' => array('sayBye', 'sayBye', gT('says Bye'), 'string sayBye(toWhom)', '',1),
//'yourFunction' => array('phpFuncName', 'jsFuncName', gT('info to show on mouseover'), 'string yourFunction(param)', '', nrOfAllowedParam),
// function 'newRDP_ValidFunctions' will be used to register the new EM definitions
// don't change the name of this function!
function newRDP_ValidFunctions()
return $this->RDP_ValidFunctions;
// place additional (registered) functions for EM below ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
function sayHello($msg)
return "Hello " . $msg;
function sayBye($msg)
return "Good Bye " . $msg . ". " . notRegistered();
// place functions NOT to be registered for EM below ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// This is an example for a function not registered into RDP_ValidFunctions
// This means, you can't call this function via EM, so {notRegistered()} will not work inside LS
// but you can call it via a registered function - see function sayBye()
function notRegistered()
return "Result is 42!";
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