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LimitedCoin | 128 coins available very rare | Proof of Stake only
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LimitedCoin (LTD) has a total coin supply of only 128 coins and is one of the most rare crypto currencies available. New coins can be found by a mechanism called Proof of Stake (PoS). Transfer your LimitedCoins to your wallet and let them sit for at least 2 hours to earn 1000% interest annually.

•LimitedCoin (LTD) •PoS 1000% annual interest (will be maximized in 3 days after launch to control inflation) •Minimimum age staking: 2 hours •Maximum age staking: 365 days •Coinbase maturity: 100 confirmations •Total supply: 128 coins •Block time: 180 seconds •RPC: 39568 •P2P: 39569

The features that we plan to develop will be all about exclusivity. After the ICO period, at the beginning of the 1th quarter 2016 we will release the following features: •Marktet place for exclusive goods where only LimitedCoin payments are accepted ◦Buy and sell exclusive goods from the LimitedCoin wallet ◦Search for items that are for sale ◦Only exclusive / collectible products are sold ◦Items included in the blockchain ◦Pay with LimitedCoin

•Auction of exclusive goods in the wallet and distributed through the blockchain ◦Start auctions from the wallet ◦Search for auctions ◦Place and/or recieve bids ◦Auctions and bids included in the blockchain ◦Only exclusive / collectible products are offered ◦Pay with LimitedCoin

•VIP seats and tickets that can exclusively be bought with LimitedCoin ◦Buy or sell exclusive VIP tickets for shows, diners and entertainment.

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