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It is a generic-purpose visual and codeless programming system. It can be used to develop various kinds of Windows applications and web applications.
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Limnor-Studio: Visual-Codeless-Programming-System

It is a generic-purpose visual codeless programming system. It can be used to develop various Windows standalone applications and web applications.

Home page:

User forum:




  • Bob Limnor
  • Jian Wang
  • Flora Lee
  • Paul Chen

New contributors are welcome!

Download and use the source code:

  1. Click "Clone or download" button
  2. Click "Download ZIP" and wait for a zip file being downloaded to your computer
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a folder, keeping the folder structure
  4. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to open solutions in folder LimnorStudioSolutions
  • LimnorStudioSolutions/LimnorStudioDev.sln includes most of projects for development and debugging, but it does not include an installation project for distributing Limnor Studio.
  • Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 as an Administrator. Admin privilege is required for debugging.
  • On loading LimnorStudioDev.sln, set project "LimnorLite32" as the StartUp project. Build the solution and you may start debugging Limnor Studio under Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
  • LimnorStudioSolutions/LimnorStudioDist.sln includes a project for generating MSI for Limnor Studio distribution.
  • Be sure to set build mode to Release on loading LimnorStudioDist.sln. This solution does not work in Debug mode. Build the solution and you will get Limnor Studio installer file LimnorStudio5Net4.MSI in folder postCompile\Release.
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