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Unofficial Snap Packaging for Mari0
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Unofficial Snap Packaging for Mari0

This is the unofficial snap packaging for Mari0, Snaps are universal Linux packages.

Refer snap/ for user-oriented information.

Remaining Tasks

Snapcrafters (join us) are working to land snap install documentation and the snapcraft.yaml upstream so Mari0 can authoritatively publish future releases.

  • Import the Snapcrafters Template Plus repository to your own GitHub account and name it as snap_name-snap (or any valid name you prefer) using GitHub's Import repository feature
    • It is recommended to avoid forking the template repository unless you're working on the template itself because you can only fork a repository once
  • Update the description of the repository
  • Update logos and references to Mari0, mari0 and other placeholder names in, snap/, and snap/snapcraft.yaml
  • Add upstream contact information to this
  • Create a snap that runs in devmode, or in classic confinement if that's not possible
  • Add a screenshot to snap/
  • Register the snap in the Snap Store, using the preferred upstream name(i.e. without custom postfix). If the preferred upstream name is not available or reserved, file a request to take over the preferred upstream name and temporary use a name with personal postfix instead.
  • Setup and publish the devmode snap in the Snap Store edge channel
  • Add the provided Snapcraft build badge to snap/
  • Update snap's metadata, icons and screenshots on the dashboard
  • Add install instructions to snap/
  • File an Intent-To-Package issue/bug to the upstream's contact or issue/bug tracker to consolidate and let the upstream acknowledge the effort - template - link
  • Convert the snap to strict confinement, or classic confinement if it qualifies
  • Publish the confined snap in the Snap Store beta channel
  • Update the install instructions in snap/
  • Post a call for testing on the Snapcraft Forum - template - link
  • Publish the snap in the Snap Store stable channel
  • Update the install instructions in snap/
  • Post an announcement in the Snapcraft Forum - template - link
  • Submit a pull request or patch upstream that adds the snapcraft.yaml and any required assets/launchers - example - link
  • Submit a pull request or patch upstream that adds snap install documentation - example - link

If the upstream accepts the PRs AND willing to maintain the package on the Snap Store:

If the upstream rejects the offer:

  • Ask a Snapcrafters admin to fork your/upstream's repo into, transfer the snap name from you to snapcrafters, and configure the repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit - template - link


If you have any questions, post in the Snapcraft forum.


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