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The increasing number of publicly available datasets poses a challenge regarding the integration and consumption of information.

The objective of the LinDA project which involves a number of research and industry partners from different sectors is to make the benefits of LOD accessible to SMEs.

One of the major challenges of this project is to provide means for exploring and visualizing Linked Data by hiding complexity through automation and an intuitive user interface.

This is put into practice by an easy to use wizard-like tool, LinkDaViz, that guides the user step by step through the process of browsing, selecting and exploring data and configuring visualizations by computing suggestions for suitable visualizations and possible configurations for this visualizations. (Online Demo and Screencast available.)

Data selection and visualization



Installation steps:

  • Install Docker and Docker Compose
  • Install Git and clone LinkDaViz project
  • Go to the directory LinDAVis and execute docker-compose up

Remarks: In order to start the application while re-using old containers execute from the LinDAVis directory docker-compose start. To start only one or two containers execute docker-compose start store (for Virtuoso) or docker-compose start backend (for Virtuoso and Backend). This might be useful for setting up the development environment without having to compile Virtuoso. To rebuild images execute docker-compose build To rebuild only one container execute docker-compose build store.


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