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lse-kay feat: make the pushtoken enrollment more robust
the pushtoken enrollment should become more robust to
support multiple times of scanning the pairing url
or trigger the activation challenge multiple times.

the implementation is reflected by a more tolerant
state transition, especially the handling of the
state 'pairing_challenge_sent'.

refers to LinOTP-850

Change-Id: I375c5d124ffcafe8f3b1212f42463037fc83e6da
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LinOTP - the Open Source solution for two factor authentication Copyright (C) 2010 - 2018 KeyIdentity GmbH

This repository contains all parts to build your own solution for a strong, two factor authentication, which are:

  • linotpd - the LinOTP server

  • useridresolver - integrate your user information through LDAP or SQL

  • smsprovider - module to support the submission of SMS through different channels

  • auth_modules - authentication modules for Radius and PAM

  • adminclient - utilities to administrate the LinOTP server and to enroll tokens

LinOTP server is truly open in two ways. The modules and components are licensed under the AGPLv3, so you are able to have a complete working open source solution for strong, two factor authentication.

But LinOTP server is also open as far as its modular architecture is concerned. LinOTP aims not to bind you to any decision of the authentication protocol or where your user information should be stored. This is achieved by its modular architecture.

LinOTP server also provides a modular architecture to calculate OTP values. Thus many different OTP algorithms like the OATH standards: HMAC (RFC 4226) and time based HMAC are supported by LinOTP. But LinOTP's design makes it easy to create your own tokens with different algorithms or even challenge response tokens.

The other components like the LinOTP authentication modules or the LinOTP administration clients will make it easy to integrate strong, two factor authentication in your environment.