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LAVA is at the same time supporting a wide range of devices and maintained by a small team of people. Which mean that maintainers do not have access to most device types that LAVA is supporting.<br /> LAVA Federation project is aiming at testing the LAVA software on community owned hardware. Every day, LAVA functional tests are spread across multiple labs, owned by the community members, with a variety of community hardware.<br /> <br /> The goal of this presentation is to help community members to jump in and participate to this common effort.
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Keynote Room (World Ballroom BC)
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2019-04-02 11:55:00
2019-04-02 11:30:00
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Im a senior software engineer, working for Linaro. Ive been contributed to OSS since 2007 when I started working on VLC Media player at university.<br />Im now core developer and maintainer of LAVA, a widely adopted framework to test software (bootloader, kernel, user space) on real boards.
Rémi Duraffort
Senior Software Engineer
Validation and CI
Validation and CI
BKK19-212 - LAVA community enabled testing
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