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o 5 min, ROHM, the company introduction<br>o 5 min, Basic for Sensor UPM driver<br>o 5 min, Basic for Sensor Input driver and Android HAL driver<br>o 5 min, Basic for Sensor IIO driver<br>o 10 min, Demo, Sensor UPM driver build and flash to 96Boards (Give away Sensor boards for 96Boards)<br><br>
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Session Room 3 (Lotus 10)
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2019-04-03 11:55:00
2019-04-03 11:30:00
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- Leading software developments team in Finland.<br />- Over 20 years of embedded software development, some number of patents registered.<br />- Offshore software R&D experience with worldwide teams in Finland, US, Germany, India, China, etc..<br />- Firmware and driver development experience for Sensors, Wi-Fi SoC, MPEG codec, HDMI SoC in Linux kernel, Windows, and Embedded RTOS.
ROHM Semiconductor
Koki Okada
Director of Finland Software Development Center
Power Management
BKK19-318 - Linux sensor device driver programming with 96Boards
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