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This session goes thru collaboration between TI, Linaro, Google and open source community in upstreaming and development of AOSP with TI Beagleboard X15 platform .<br><br>We cover the various development phases including hardware and software requirements for a platform to be AOSP dev platform and review pros and challenges of X15 .&nbsp;<br>Will also review the status of features upstreamed and on going development towards future bootloader , kernel , pastry and associated external opensource projects.<br>Notes and commentsAOSP Development Boards are intended for both Android userspace and kernel development, as well and upstreaming patches<br><br>This proposal goes thru the path of exploring TI X15 as a AOSP reference platform and why the platform stands out from a plethora of available dev boards --&gt;Pre development of baseline thru LCR/LKFT on stable tags --&gt; Review SW/HW requirements and anticipate tactical/strategical challenges --&gt; Submit to AOSP gerrit and address review comments --&gt; Platform/manifest ready ? with expected functionality? --&gt; Ensure no regression thru triage support for expected project duration. --&gt; Future plan/ Have plan for pastry,kernel migrations and collaborate across board on common feature development.
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Session Room 3 (Lotus 10)
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2019-04-04 11:25:00
2019-04-04 11:00:00
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Automotive Infotainment, System Software, OMAP Platform Android Kernel Maintainer.
Dallas, Texas
Praneeth Bajjuri
Android Software Developer
speaker_bio speaker_company speaker_image speaker_location speaker_name speaker_position speaker_username
Texas Instruments
Mykhailo Sopiha
Android OS Engineer
Open Source Development
BKK19-413 - AOSP Device Upstreaming and Development with X15
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