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Toolchain software forms the base of any development platform ranging from embedded devices all the way up to servers. The way to plan for toolchain enablement and integration however is very different as we go from embedded to the server ecosystem. In this session we look at how releases for various toolchain components (such as gcc, glibc and binutils) work and how they interact with server distributions.
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Session Room 2 (Lotus 3-4)
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2019-04-04 12:25:00
2019-04-04 12:00:00
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Tech Lead at Linaro, Maintainer of the GNU C Library<br />Siddhesh Poyarekar is a toolchain hacker and a Tech Lead at Linaro, managing a team of toolchain wizards. He is a maintainer of the GNU C Library and has been actively involved in server distribution maintenance and performance for over a decade.
Siddhesh Poyarekar
Tech Lead
Data Center
BKK19-418 - Toolchain Strategy for Arm Server CPUs
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