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Proposal of this session is to provide technical intro of LEDGE reference platform for different flavours Open Embedded, Debian and Fedora IoT. I will give a link on project source code, discuss how to build it and run it. Describe how we do automatic builds and Continuous Integration. This talk is intended for new contributors for LEDGE reference platform as a first technical guide.
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Sunset V (Session 1)
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2019-09-23 14:25:00
2019-09-23 14:00:00
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Maxim Uvarov is developer and maintainer in Linaro LEDGE group. Recently Maxim was maintainer of OpenDataPlane (networking API project) in Linaro, kernel maintainer at Oracle and Linux developer in MontaVista. Maxim holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science.
Maxim Uvarov
Sr. Software Engineer
IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing
IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing
SAN19-104 - LEDGE RP bootstrap
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