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introduce the RAS architecture on AArch64, based on the ARMv8 RAS extensions, SDEI, MM Secure Patition and APEI, Sharing the latest update of the development.
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Sunset IV (Session 2)
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2019-09-23 16:25:00
2019-09-23 16:00:00
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Enterprise Linux developer with industry/server experience in Linux kernel, driver ,BSP, system porting development, LAVA(Linaro Automation and Validation Architecture) and testing with LMP. Also expert in Firmware (U-boot/arm-trusted-firmware/UEFI/ACPI) and Linux kernel development.<br /> Currently studying Linux kernel and drive mechanism, Fedora/RHEL on ARM64, GRUB, UEFI, ACPI and continuously enriching my knowledge of Linux on Server, especially RAS(Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)/APEI.<br /> Im also interested in IoT, RISC-V, drone, Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi, Security/Encryption and OSS projects.
Red Hat Software (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Wei Fu
Senior Software Engineer
Data Center
Machine Learning/AI
IoT and Embedded
Open Source Development
SAN19-118 - Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) on ARM64 status
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