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The System Control and Management Interface (SCMI) is a set of operating system-independent software interfaces that are used in system resources management that has been originally specified to standardize the interface between Application Processors and the power coprocessor. Nevertheless, systems dont always have a dedicated coprocessor for system resources management but still need to safely manage them.The secure world is a good candidate as it uses some of these critical resources. Instead of defining a new custom interface, it has been decided to enable a SCMI server in secure world that will handle system request from all agents of the system being the non secure world of AP or other processors of the system.<br /> This talk will present the SCMI server implementation in secure world, the constraints that have driven the implementation choices, the open items and next features. During the talk, we will have a special focus on the OP-TEE arm32 implementation.
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Sunset V (Session 1)
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2019-09-24 11:50:00
2019-09-24 11:00:00
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Souvik is a Staff Software Engineer in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm, where his primary areas of focus are System and Power Management software standards and specifications.
ARM Limited
Cambridge, UK
Souvik Chakravarty
Staff Software Engineer
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Vincent has worked on developing drivers for various peripherals and coprocessors in mobile phones during 12 years. In 2005, he began to focus on mobile phones that ran Linux then Android and spent the last years of this period to optimize the power consumption of android platforms. As a member of the Linaro power management working group, he works on improving the energy efficiency of embedded system but not only with special interest for scheduler.
Vincent Guittot
Technical Leader
Power Management
Power Management
SAN19-207 - SCMI server in secure world
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