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In the weeks leading up to ArmTechCon 2018, and then at the event, Drew Henry outlined his vision of a trillion connected devices. Those trillion connected devices will need a significant rethinking of how infrastructure is built and delivered, and the Arm Neoverse initiative was created to address those challenges.<br /> <br /> The past 6 months have seen much written on the topic of bringing workloads back from the Cloud, and moving them to the Edge, closer to the end users or to IoT endpoints, and improving the service delivery experience. While there have been many articles, slides, headlines, and conversations about this, no one has yet to demonstrate a full end-to-end working Arm-based implementation. miniNodes is building a complete demonstration of connected Cloud Servers, Edge Servers, and IoT Devices, running entirely on Arm. Environmental data will be captured by IoT endpoints running Arm Mbed, provisioned via Arm Pelion, feeding data to Edge servers, that will in turn connect to an Ampere eMAG server hosted by <br /> <br /> More specifically, the IoT endpoints are collecting environmental readings such as temperature, humidity, air quality, particulates, and lightning detection from a series of Raspberry Pi’s distributed across the globe. <br /> <br /> Regional 96Boards Edge Servers are collecting data from the IoT endpoints in their assigned zone, and packaging the data for shipment to the cloud server.<br /> <br /> An Ampere Cloud server hosted by Packet is doing the large data processing activities, and running Grafana Dashboard for visualization of the IoT data flowing into the system. <br /> <br /> The entire collection of systems will be centrally managed and the IoT nodes allow for service provisioning via containers pushed to the devices, no matter their location, due to the Pelion application.<br /> <br /> From a presentation perspective, we will talk through the infrastructure build, issues and challenges along the way, and potential use cases. Then we will open up to discussion, to solicit feedback and hopefully find solutions to the challenges faced.<br />
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2019-09-25 14:50:00
2019-09-25 14:00:00
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All things Arm microservers, and the innovative use of Arm technologies in non-traditional compute locations.
David Tischler
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Carl has been a veteran of the hosting industry for many years and an avid supporter of alternative architectures to x86
Austin, Texas Area
Carl Perry
Ecosystem Engineer
IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing
Arm on Arm
IoT and Embedded
IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing
SAN19-312 - Arm Everywhere: A Demo of an Arm Cloud, Edge, and IoT Infrastructure
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