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The Vanguard program looks to expand the potential technology choices for leadership class High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. The first deployment of Vanguard is Astra, a Petascale ARM supercomputer sited at Sandia National Laboratories. Astra is the first and currently largest ARM Supercomputer and looks to prototype the ARM ecosystem not only for the NNSA/DOE but also the greater HPC community. This talk will first discuss on the architectural details of Astra, as well as the Advanced Tri-Lab Software Environment (ATSE) which provides an overview of the software and hardware platform. Then, we will share the latest activities in performance results, scalability studies, and lessons learned thus far. We expect this will help inform the greater HPC community on the viability of the ARM ecosystem.<br />
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Pacific Room (Keynote)
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2019-09-26 11:25:00
2019-09-26 11:00:00
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Andrew Younge is a Computer Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories with the Scalable System Software group. His research interests include High Performance Computing, Virtualization, Distributed Systems, and energy efficient computing. The central focal point of Andrew’s work is to improve the usability and efficiency of supercomputing system software. He has a Ph.D in Computer Science from Indiana University, where he was the Persistent Systems fellow and a member of the FutureGrid project, an NSF-funded experimental Cloud testbed. Over the years, Andrew has held visiting positions at the MITRE Corporation, the University of Southern California / Information Sciences Institute, and the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his Bachelors and Masters of Science from the Computer Science Department at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2008 and 2010, respectively.
Sandia National Laboratories
Andrew Younge
Computer Scientist
Data Center
SAN19-409 - An Update on Astra - Experiences running the First Petascale ARM Supercomputer
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