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Starting to contribute to a large Open Source project is always difficult.<br>In this talk we will try to make LAVA contributors life easier by explaining some of the secrets behind this large software.<br><br>We will talk about the LAVA architectures, the resources for users/admin/developers, creating a developer environment and many small secrets about LAVA.
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Sunset 3 (Session 3)
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2019-09-26 12:25:00
2019-09-26 12:00:00
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Im a senior software engineer, working for Linaro.<br> <br> Ive been contributed to OSS since 2007 when I started working on VLC Media player at university.<br> <br> I worked for 5 years at STMicroelectronics where I ported the v8 JavaScript engine on sh4 processors. I also contributed to many OSS projects like proot, care, debian, qemu, ...<br> <br> Im now maintainer and architect of LAVA, a widely adopted framework to test software (bootloader, kernel, user space) on real boards.<br> <br> I gave some talks at the Linaro Connect Conference since 2014. I recently gave a talk about lavafed at FOSDEM 2019.
Remi Duraffort
Senior Software Engineer
Automation & CI
Open Source Development
Validation and CI
SAN19-425 - Hacking and contributing to LAVA
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