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Twitch is a live-streaming platform that creates interaction between broadcasters and audiences through chat messages on top of live video. Such a user-generated-content (UGC) interactive live streaming model offers a “lean-forward” experience to the viewers, which many of them find more interesting than the traditional linear TV’s “lean-backward” experience.<br /> <br /> Although desktop browsers still account for the majority of Twitch’s traffic, mobile devices are emerging as very important client platforms, particularly in Twitch’s fastest-growing markets such as Asia and Latin America. On the other hand, we face a number of special challenges when trying to optimize the viewing experience on mobile devices. This talk will explain Twitch’s engineering effort on multiple aspects of the live video pipeline in order to achieve low latency, deploy new codec format, and handle the diversity of client devices.
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Sunset 3 (Session 3)
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2019-09-27 08:55:00
2019-09-27 08:30:00
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Dr. Yueshi Shen is in charge of Twitchs core video technologies. He initiated and built a number of Twitch’s core video capabilities, e.g., cost-effectively live-video transcoding farm supporting over 100,000 concurrent channels, live ABR playback algorithm designed for highly interactive content, HLS-based low-latency (
Yueshi Shen
Principal Research Engineer, Twitch
SAN19-502 - Optimizing “lean-forward” viewing experience on mobile platforms
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