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In this session, we will have an informal discussion about what we can do as an open-source community to advance the autonomous driving technology. Topics could include<br><br>- What technology is missing, creating a barrier to new entrants to the AD space?<br>- How to accelerate the move from RnD to Production grade solutions?<br>- What role could Linaro and its partners play in this space?
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Sunset V (Session 1)
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2019-09-27 11:55:00
2019-09-27 11:30:00
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Liyou is a software engineer working on Accelerating open-source self-driving software stack with Arm hardware and software IP.<br /> <br /> Liyou has previously worked in IoT developing end to end secure firmware update solution.<br /> <br /> Liyou is also active in the developer community, presented at mbed Connect and organised hackathons at the University of Cambridge.
Arm Ltd
Cambridge UK
Senior Software Engineer - Automotive
Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles
Machine Learning/AI
SAN19-515 - BoF: I just want to ride around in robo taxis, what can I do to help?
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