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2018-02-02 08:35:33 -0800
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Mingfei Huang

Keynote Title: Accelerating AI from Cloud to Edge

Keynote Abstract: The computing changes where machine meet AI. The AI shall not only be instructed from Cloud but also be embedded in Edge and Thing itself. We can’t image in the future those intelligent machines surrounding us get idiotic even horrific when disconnected. More and more instinctive intelligence in perception, cognition and decision should be embedded into machines. How to support diverse AI algorithms running across different embedded computing hardware? It needs platform that silicon companies, algorithm providers and device makers can collaborate on. Android NN is one of them, there are more devices without Android that need to be covered.

OPEN AI LAB, initiated by Arm China, Allwinner and Horizon, open to all partners, is born to focus on eliminating the barriers. Its AI Distro contains a Tensor Engine that extracts ML/DL Computing from Arm-based CPU, GPU and 3rd party Accelerators for diverse algorithm models. With the collaboration between Linaro 96board and OPEN AI LAB, algorithm and application developers will have the best support with optimized AI libraries for different hardware.

Tues: 9:15-9:45 Company: Open AI LAB


Leading development of Open AID platform in OPEN AI LAB. Before joining in OPEN AI LAB, Mingfei worked in Broadcom, Netlogic, RMI and Harbour Network as a R&D/AE/FAE leader, experienced in AI, Arm/MIPS Processors, Networking, NFV, MDC, HPC, Security.

Master, Computer Science & Engineering, Xidian University of China.

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