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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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Tools, IoT and Embedded, IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing
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"Stefano Stabellini serves as system software architect and virtualization lead at Xilinx, the world's largest supplier of FPGA solutions. Previously, at Aporeto, he created a virtualization-based security solution for containers and authored several security articles. As Senior Principal Software Engineer in Citrix, he led a small group of passionate engineers working on Open Source projects. Stefano has been involved in Xen development since 2007. He created libxenlight in November 2009 and started the Xen port to Arm with virtualization extensions in 2011. Today he is a Xen Project committer, and he maintains Xen on Arm and Xen support in Linux and QEMU."
Principal Engineer
Stefano Stabellini
YVR18-213: Xen on Arm for embedded and IoT: from secure containers to dom0less systems

Hypervisors are becoming increasingly widespread in embedded environments. Their use-case is different from server virtualization, and so are their requirements. The ability to run containerized applications is often a requirement. Xen on Arm is embracing the new challenges with innovative solutions.

This talk will discuss cutting-edge Xen on Arm features for embedded deployments, including dom0less, where multiple domains are started directly by Xen at boot. The presentation will explain the reasons why Xen is an excellent runtime environment for containerized apps and will introduce a new proposal for a Xen Project sub-project to create the ideal platform for secure containers in embedded.

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