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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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Networking (General), Networking: Userland IO, Data Center
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"Bill joined the Linaro Networking Group in September 2013 after having worked for the previous decade at several public and private companies in network architecture and data plane firmware development. He is currently the LNG technical lead for the OpenDataPlane project."
Linaro Inc
Tech Lead
Bill Fischofer
YVR18-217:Lightweight flows for fine-grain packet order processing

A flow aware scheduler is introduced based on application requirements to support millions of flows. This feature will provide the ability for applications to create flows on the fly without any HW constraints. The flows are light-weight queues and packets can be enqueued into a queue with a specific flow id. This enables the application to have dynamic flow handling required for better synchronization. ODP now provides APIs to support this type of lightweight flow processing that can leverage hardware acceleration designed to assist such dynamic flow processing. This talk discusses the types of ordered flows typically found in network packet processing applications and the mechanisms that are needed to process them efficiently on modern network SoCs.

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