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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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Tools, Linux Kernel
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Linux Foundation
Sr. Director of Strategic Projects
Kate Stewart
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"Jilayne is a lawyer specializing in open source. She co-leads the Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX) legal team, maintains the SPDX License List, and was a founding member of the OpenChain project. Jilayne is a frequent speaker at open source events and enjoys both sharing her knowledge and learning at the same time. Jilayne was previously principal open source counsel at Arm, where she advised on open source related issues, provided training, and drove improved processes related to open source, including forming and chairing the Arm Open Source Office. In her spare time, Jilayne can be found riding her bike(s) or co-hosting the geeky podcast, FOSS+beer."
Software Package Data Exchange
SPDX Legal Team co-lead
Jilayne Lovejoy
YVR18-219: Cleaning up kernel licensing: subsystem by subsystem

The Linux kernel has over 26 years of development, and in that time a rather large number of licenses as well as license header variants have accumulated in it. Scanners can only guess at what's meant, and usually a significant amount of manual verification work is needed to "clear" the kernel by companies before they can use it in a product. Last year, the kernel community agreed on using the SPDX ids as a way of moving us towards being able to understand the licensing of the kernel with a "grep". A brief overview of the state of the kernel licensing cleanup will be presented, as well as tooling available to help. Discussing the kernel subsystems that Linaro is active in, and any problems with applying the SPDX ids in files, will be the focus of the remainder of the session.

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