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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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Training, Linux Kernel, Kernel Validation
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"Prior to joining Linaro as a Kernel Validation Engineer, Rafael has worked for the past 19 years in companies such as Sun Microsystems - 8 years as Systems Engineer for Solaris, SPARC High End Servers, AMD64 + Infiniband HPC projects, Storage/Tape Libraries and Backup Consultant - Red Hat - working as Systems Engineer for Virtualization and Linux foundations projects - IBM - where he worked 4 years in the Mainframe STG Lab group (responsible for all new s390 technologies studies/implementations and beta go-to-market), with a residency in IBM Linux for s390x performance group in Boeblingen Lab - and, more recently, Canonical - 4 years as a Senior Sustaining Engineer for Kernel and Userland bugs (focused into bugs related to All User-land, Linux scheduling issues, SCSI/iSCSI, KVM, QEMU & VirtIO, Multipath, Clustering, LVM, Device Mapper, Block devices) in Ubuntu Linux. Rafael has carved his career from field engineering positions, in constant contact with customers, into pure engineering positions focused in Linux internals, user-land, kernel and general OS & performance debugging and bug solving."
Linux Kernel Validation Engineer
Rafael Tinoco
YVR18-308:Kernel Bugs and Regressions Debugging Best Practices

This demo will be based on real work done for real bug cases. It will show some of my best practices in putting together an environment ready for bug resolution: Quick virtual machine cloning, containers, dev boxes, Debian packaging, debug symbols, kernel cross compilation and automation, crash dump generation on different boards, kdump analysis for both arm32 & arm64, and how to interpret a stack trace and quickly identify possible root cause of the issue.

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