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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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96Boards, IoT Fog/Gateway/Edge Computing, IoT and Embedded, Machine Learning/AI, AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit
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"Gordon Kruberg has been President and CEO since founding Gumstix in October 2003. Under his leadership, Gumstix revolutionized the design paradigm for electronic hardware with the first Linux COM in 2003, and then with Geppetto® online design-to-order system, for integrated design and manufacturing. Prior to Gumstix Dr. Kruberg had been involved in over thirty US-based companies as a venture investor, member of the board of directors or executive team (including Chairman, CEO, or President.) These included Deersoft, acquired by Network Associates in December 2002, and SchoolPop, the original fundraising website for education. He spent seven years with Grace Horn Ventures, managing investments in software, biotechnology and medical high-technology startups. He holds patents in software processes and is an avid programming, robotics and rugby enthusiast. Gordon holds an an M.D. from Northwestern, and an M.S. (Industrial Engineering) and A.B. (Human Biology) from Stanford University. "
Gumstix, Inc.
President and CEO
Gordon Kruberg
YVR18-312: Edge AI with Linaro

Including an overview of how to create IoT devices for rapid deployment, Gumstix CEO, Gordon Kruberg, will demonstrate how to create a device running a DNN and show remotely performed visual servoing.

The AeroCore for DragonBoard was the first drone and robotics mezzanine board designed by Gumstix for 96Boards, built with the Geppetto online design-to-order system. This presentation will show the latest generation of the AeroCore for Dragonboard for a set of 96Boards running DNN.

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