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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
Networking: Userland IO
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Software Architect
Zaibo Xu
YVR18-407: WarpDrive Progress

As a Common Accelerator Framework for Linux user space applications was brought up at the Connect SFO 2017 by Kenneth Lee, we have done a series of work to enable accelerators better from both user and kernel land this year. After DMA mapping for accelerators in multiple processes and SVA(Share Virtual Address) without page fault ran okay on our D06 board, SVA stall mode now is also enabled. What’s more, permission and queue releasing problems .etc are solved and optimized in our newest version. Also, a secure method of sharing SPIMDEV(Warpdrive device) between Linux user and kernel land is brought in. Finally, we do some performance testing on the above scenarios with our SOC device (ZIP) to show the advantages of Warpdrive. In the next, we will try to optimized the above sharing SPIMDEV method from both software and hardware respectively.

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