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2018-09-16 09:00:00+00:00
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Multimedia (Streaming Media, secure data path)
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Kodi / LibreELEC
Freelance Developer
Lukas Rusak
YVR18-510:From Zero to Zero-Copy: Accelerating Your Embedded Media Player

In this presentation you will learn how to accelerate your embedded multimedia application using Video 4 Linux 2, the Linux DRM subsystem, and OpenGLES. Zero-copy is a method that describes using exactly zero memory copy operations thus saving memory bandwidth. Saving memory is needed in a world where 4K HEVC is becoming more prevalent.

The focus of using these methods is to move away from proprietary graphics and video decode and using open source solutions instead. These open source solutions are available for many embedded chipsets out today and can help you streamline your application development for use on multiple platforms.

This presentation will also cover a brief overview of current support for open source graphics and video decoding on various platforms.

This information is critical for developers working on applications that currently use proprietary graphics methods.

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