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Linaro Connect Event Website

Welcome to the official content repository for Linaro Connect's static Jekyll website. Connect resources are added to this website through Jekyll posts. These resources are updated during and after Connect.

We are open to you submitting a PR / Issue if there is anything you notice that is out of place or needs updating.

How to add a blog post!

PR's related to the Dockerfile and will take considerably longer to review than Jekyll or content changes.


Below are a few guides that will help when adding content/making changes to the Linaro Connect website.

Editing on GitHub

If you are editing the website on GitHub you will need to make a fork of the Linaro/Connect repo, make changes there and then create a pull request to merge your changes in the main code repository for the Connect website.

Step 1 - Create an Account on GitHub/Login

Firstly, create an account on GitHub if you have not already done so - Create an Account on GitHub - or login to your existing GitHub account.

Step 2 - Fork the Linaro/Connect repo.

GitHub contains many repositories (basically a folder with a load of files inside it) and the Connect static website has it's own repository here. You need to make a fork (a copy) of this repository to your account. Which is as simple as clicking the fork button at the top right of the repository.

Fork the Connect repo on Github

Step 3 - Branches on Repositories

Each repository can have multiple branches with whatever name you choose. The Linaro Connect repository has two main branches - develop and master. The develop branch contains the version of the websites files that are used to build The master branch contains the version of the websites files that are used to build When submitting changes to the website you need to make sure you are on the correct branch.

Changing branch on your Fork

Step 4 - Make your changes and submit a pull request.

In order to get your changes added to the Connect website you must make changes to a file/files on your fork of the Connect repository and then submit a pull request (or a PR which is a way to get your changes added to the main repository and not just your copy of the Connect website.)

Creating a pull request.

Making a change and creating a pull request.

Overriding the need for a reviewer on your pull request

If you are certain that you need to merge the changes you have made and you are an Administrator of the repository you do the following to merge the PR.

Warning: If you are an administrator and are using the above method of mergin your pr. Then please make sure that at least the tests have passed!

Overriding the need for a reviewer

Add Keynotes to the Homepage Carousel

Keynotes in the homepage carousel are added from the _data/yvr18-keynotes.yml file. If you need to add a keynote to the homepage carousel simply append your keynote to the data file. In regards to following Connect events, duplicate the yvr18-keynotes.yml file and rename appropriately. Then change the included data file by amending this line:

{% include sections/keynotes.html %}


{% include sections/keynotes.html %}

Add a new resources section to Resources

The resources section is generated from a _data/connects.yml file. This should be modified to include all the previous Connect events whichh have resources.

Adding Connect Keynote Speakers

Speakers on the static Connect website are posts with a category of speaker. Speakers have been added to the _posts/speaker folder to keep them separate from resources/blog posts. In order to add a speaker simply copy an existing speaker and modify accoridngly. Below are the values in the post's front matter (values between to two set's of --- at the top of the file):

Front matter example from a speaker post

author: linaro
categories: speaker
comments: false
date: 2018-08-14 08:40:50
  featured: true
  name: ShinpeiKato.jpg
  path: /assets/images/speakers/ShinpeiKato.jpg
layout: speaker-post
permalink: /speaker/:title/
title: Shinpei Kato

Speaker image - image:

Add the speakers image to the /assets/images/speakers/ sub folder and modify the path and name to match the image you added.

Uploading/Editing on GitHub

To upload a file on GitHub you first need to navigate to the folder you wish to add the image to.

Uploading a speaker image through GitHub

Verify you are on your fork of the repo and not the main Connect repository. Also make sure you are pushing to the master branch (the branch to main live site is built from - unless you are testing the changes which can be added to the develop branch and built to

Updating the Homepage Banner


You can modify the home page banner by updating the '_include/hero-banner.html' include. Here you can find the text / Connect logo used in the banner.

Background image

To modify the background image you change the image listed in the home section of '_data/settings.yml' file.

            # Darken is set to true by default - if you wish to remove the image overlay
            # then change this setting to false.
            darken: false
            # This is the name of the background-image located in /assets/images/
            name: YVR18-banner-high-res.jpg

Updated the name of the image to one that is include in a /assets/images/ folder. If you add a new folder please make sure to add to the jekyll-assets paths in the _config.yml

        js: true
      browsers: ["last 2 versions","> 5%","IE 9"]
    - assets/js/
    - assets/js/vendor/
    - assets/js/app/
    - assets/images
    - assets/images/sponsors
    - assets/images/featured-images
    - assets/images/people
    - assets/images/speakers
    - assets/images/content
    - assets/images/blog
    - assets/css/

All the paths listed above are used by Jekyll when looking for image assets.

Adding a blog post

In order to add a blog post to the Connect website copy an existing blog post from the _posts/blog/ folder. Posts on the Connect website are either typical blog posts (/blog/your-title/) or resource posts from a Linaro Connect event (/resources/yvr18/yvr18-100k1/).

Step 1 - Modify the post file name

The url for your title is based on the title provided in the filename e.g will have a url of /blog/yvr18-wrap-up/. Separate the words in your title by dashes and modify the date at the start of the filename as neccessary.

Step 2 - Modify the post front matter

Modify the post front matter based on your post. Values to modify are:

  • author:
  • date:
  • image:
  • tags:
  • description:


Change the author to a unique author shortname. If this is your first time posting then add your author values to the _data/authors.yml file. Make sure to add your profile image to the /assets/images/authors folder. Verify that the author name is an exact match to that provided as the author: in your post.


Modify the date to sometime before you post the blog otherwise Jekyll will see it as a future post and not render it until the time on the server exceeds/equals that provided as the date in the post front matter.


This value is used for the featured image displayed on your blog post and the image that is used when sharing the blog post on social media sites.

    featured: true
    path: /assets/images/blog/yvr18-wrap-up.png
    name: yvr18-wrap-up.png
    thumb: yvr18-wrap-up.png 

Make sure that the image you add in this section of front matter is placed in the /assets/images/blog folder.

Note: There is currently a bug with the version of jekyll-assets we are using which means the only acceptable image extensions are .jpg and .png. If you use .jpeg you image may not display as expected.


These should be modified based on the content of your post as they are used for Meta keywords so that people can find your post based on the tags your provide.


Change this value to a short description of your blog post as this is used for the meta description of your blog post.

Step 3 - Add your post content.

Write your post content in Markdown format; specifically the Kramdown Markdown flavour.

Adding images

Please use the following code snipppet to add an image to your blog post. Make sure to add the images that you include to /assets/images/blog folder.

{% include image.html name="name-of-your-image.png" alt="The Alt text for your image" %}

You also align/scale your image using the following css classes.

Class Details
small-inline Small image aligned to the left
small-inline right Small image aligned to the right
medium-inline Medium image aligned to the left
medium-inline right Medium image aligned to the right
large-inline Large image aligned to the left
large-inline right Large image aligned to the right
{% include image.html name="name-of-your-image.png"  class="medium-inline" alt="The Alt text for your image" %}

Using this Jekyll include will allow your images to be lazy loaded and format the image HTML correctly.

Adding code

We are using the rouge syntax highlighter to highlight your glorious code.

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --port 1337

See the full list of languages here.

Adding Media/YouTube videos

To add a media element / YouTube video use the following Jekyll include.

{% include media.html media_url="" %}

Adding Redirects to the Static site

We are using Edge-rewrite which is a rewrite engine running in Lambda@Edge. The redirects are to be added to the _data/routingrules.json file in the webiste repository following the syntax rules here.

^/oldpath/(\\d*)/(.*)$ /newpath/$2/$1 [L]
!^/oldpath.*$ [R=302,L,NC]
^/topsecret.*$ [F,L]
^/deadlink.*$ [G]
^/foo$ /bar [H=^baz\.com$]

Note: These redirects are currently not respected by the link checker until built. So if trying to fix broken links by adding redirects then this may not be the best way to go about it currently.

Building and Contributing


This should build and run under Docker on Windows (10?) with Microsoft Hyper-V: documentation should be added here.

May work under Docker on FreeBSD, Mac OS, etc (totally untested).


When working on the Dockerfile, it may be useful to tag the image with a date-time stamp. For example:

docker build ...snip... -t "linaro/connect:$(date --iso-8601)"

would result in a TAG value like linaro/connect:2017-07-31.

Use the build script for convenience, or adapt the docker run commands correspondingly. The build script will echo all commands run, including the results of variable expansions, etc, so you should easily be able to copy and paste the parts you want for debugging.

Build notes

A modified build script is used for deployment onto AWS and is not currently publically available.

This build script should probably be replaced by a make file.

Building using the build script

Run ./ in a Bash or ZSH shell.

Browse to to view the website.


  1. git clone this repo
  2. jekyll build and jekyll serve the site so you can review your changes.
  3. Commit messages must be succint: Pull Requests (PR's) must state the purpose of your changes.

Markdown files, SASS files, etc. must pass basic lint checks before your PR will be accepted. Please check them before submitting to save you and us time.

Links must be checked before submitting.