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You will see that there are several ways to become involved and that everything we do is open, not only software but also our wiki and our discussions (on IRC and on our mailing lists).
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Get Involved

Whether you are an individual or an employee of a organization it is easy to get involved with Linaro

You will see that there are several ways to become involved and that everything we do is open, not only software but also our wiki and our discussions (on IRC and on our mailing lists).

See how Linaro operates first-hand

Join us at the next Linaro Connect and subscribe to relevant Linaro mailing lists.

New to free and open source software (FOSS)?

  • See this introduction on getting involved and maximizing your contributions, written by Paul McKenney, RCU Maintainer and member of Linaro’s OCTO.

Running Linaro builds on your hardware

  • There are two ways to get a Linaro build on your hardware. The fastest way is to grab a milestone image and “dd” it to your SD card. If you’d like a little more customization of things like filesystem type, then you can follow the instructions on the boards page of the Wiki. They explain how to pick a hardware pack, root filesystem, and then install them using Linaro Image Tools. The developer Wiki includes an up-to-date list of what hardware is supported by our current builds. There is also a list of low cost development boards, with links to retailers.

Running Linaro builds without hardware

You can still experiment with Linaro builds even if you don’t have physical hardware. We have a quick guide to using Qemu with Linaro builds.

Using the Linaro Toolchain

If you are interested in building software using the Linaro toolchain, you can follow the what the Linaro Toolchain group has been doing on their wiki page to more information. Toolchain Wiki page

Using the Linaro Kernel

Chip providers

If you are working for a silicon provider who needs help upstreaming code to the Linux kernel come to Linaro Connect to meet our team and discuss where we can help and to discuss membership.

System enablers and developers (software integrators, related hardware developers and OEM/ODMs)

  • Almost everything we do is open and can provide many building blocks for systems. We have begun to put together guides for using Linaro builds as the basis for real products: currently one for Android and one for Ubuntu. If you have questions, please visit Linaro Support to see if we have already answered them or post a new question and our community of experts will respond. We hope you will consider joining us at Linaro Connect and will see that including Linaro as a recommendation in RFQs could accelerate your product development, improve reliability and reduce future maintenance costs. If you want to take an active role and get your engineers contributing directly to Linaro, please contact Joe Bates at

Finding Support in Linaro

We are constantly working to improve our support channels in Linaro. In addition to our wiki documentation and website we have the following:

Linaro Support is the Linaro support site where developers and users can ask and answer questions.

Additional Linaro Community Support can be found at: Mailing Lists – /contact/mailing-list/ Downloads – /downloads/

Help on filing a bug using Launchpad can be found here.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of realtime Internet chat. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message. On IRC you can talk to many of the Linaro developers, about a range of topics. The IRC page on this site shows archived conversations from the Linaro IRC channel.

Linaro’s IRC channels are hosted on Freenode. Users can join #linaro on to chat with Linaro developers.

A complete list of Linaro IRC channels can be found here.

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