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Resources for Press
Information for the press including links to logos and images

Thank you for your interest in Linaro. If you are not a member of the media and have a question or inquiry, please contact us at For more information about Linaro news, please visit our Blog or stay connected with us on Twitter.

Press Contacts

Marketing -

Downloads for press

{% include image.html name="RGB-Linaro_Standard.png" alt="RGB Linaro Standard Logo" %} Download
{% include image.html name="RGB-Linaro_StandardWhite.png" alt="RGB Linaro Standard White Logo" %}
{% include image.html name="RGB-Linaro_Grey.png" alt="RGB Linaro Grey Logo" %} Download
{% include image.html name="RGB-Linaro_White.png" alt="RGB Linaro White Logo" %}
George Grey : 72dp {% include image.html name="George_Grey_72dpi.jpg" alt="George Grey 72 DPI Management Photo" %} Download
George Grey : Hi Res {% include image.html name="George_Grey_Hi_Res.jpg" alt="George Grey High Res Management Photo"%} Download
David Rusling : 72dpi {% include image.html name="David_Rusling_72dpi.jpg" alt="David Rusling 72 DPI Management Photo" %} Download
David Rusling : Hi Res {% include image.html name="David_Rusling_Hi_Res.jpg" alt="David Rusling High Res Management Photo" %} Download
Mark Orvek : 72dpi {% include image.html name="Mark_Orvek_72dpi.jpg" alt="Mark Orvek 72 DPI Management Photo" %} Download
Mark Orvek : Hi Res {% include image.html name="Mark_Orvek_High_Res.jpg" alt="Mark Orvek High Res Management Photo" %} Download
Rob Booth : 72dpi {% include image.html name="Rob_Booth_72dpi.jpg" alt="Rob Booth 72 DPI Management Photo" %} Download
Rob Booth : Hi Res {% include image.html name="Rob_Booth_Hi_Res.jpg" alt="Rob Booth High Res Management Photo" %} Download
Joe Bates {% include image.html name="JoeBates.jpg" alt="Joe Bates Management Photo" %} Download
Steve Taylor : 72 dpi {% include image.html name="Steve_Taylor_72_dpi.jpg" alt="Steve Taylor 72 DPI Management Photo" %} Download
Steve Taylor : Hi Res {% include image.html name="Steve_Taylor_Hi_Res.jpg" alt="Steve Taylor High Res Management Photo" %} Download
{% include image.html name="print-pack.jpg" alt="Print Pack Preview Image" %} Download Print Ready Logos
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