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Technical Steering Committee
Listing of the members of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) at Linaro. The many functions of the TSC to help oversee projects and determine direction.
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The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is the primary decision-making forum for Linaro development projects. Its purpose is to:

  • Set the overall direction and technical strategy for Linaro
  • Coordinate strategy across the multiple segment groups, ensuring technical alignment between Linaro members, the core and product engineering teams and Linaro segment groups
  • Oversee engineering activities

The TSC allows members to have a say in the technical direction Linaro should take and the projects Linaro should invest in. All proposals from the engineering teams are reviewed, modified and approved by the TSC, which then advises the Executive Management Team (and through it the Board) on the key technological and operational matters associated with achieving Linaro’s objectives.

The TSC is co-chaired by the CTO and the VP of Engineering and consists of one representative from each Core and Club member and an elected representative for each segment member group.

Committee Members / Associate Members / Guests Members

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